121 Counselling Suffolk

My name is David Seaman

and I am an integrative Counsellor (MBACP) based in Ipswich.

I believe our childhood experiences form who we are in our adult relationships,

we carry with us the traumas we experience in our lives,

these can manifest themselves as psychological and physiological problems,

we have to survive so we bury the unpleasant feelings,

they are buried alive and want to get out,

we suffer,

experiencing anxiety, depression, mental and physical illness,

voices say:

"get on with it!"

"man up!"

"There are people much worse off than you!"

"that's life"

"stop being hysterical!"

"pull yourself together!"

"you're being over sensitive" etc etc,

add some guilt, self-doubt, worthlessness and shame into the mix,

it's too much,

you're only human.

I know counselling can help

because I have seen many individuals empowered enough to break the cycle.

You can too.

Every relationship in life is unique and that includes every counsellor/client relationship.

If you are on this website then you are looking for someone to help facilitate change.

I believe you have the answers within,

my role as counsellor is to help you find your genuine self,

for you to gain control over your life

and the assertiveness to make decisions that get your needs met,

there is not a one size fits all guide to personal growth and development,

there are no quick fixes or short cuts.

Seeing individuals grow and gain a genuine sense of identity brings me joy as a counsellor

and is one of the reasons I love being one.

I do not believe the counsellor role should be one that is authoritarian or directive,

this is your journey,

a counsellor can walk with you,

gently and carefully exploring your past, present and future, without judgement.



I have been a counsellor at Iceni in Ipswich for the last four and a half years. 

I was a keyworker at Focus 12 Rehab for two and a half years.

​I have worked with individuals facing a range of issues including trauma, depression, loss, anxiety, abuse, addiction and managing relationships.

​I'm a registered member of the BACP and follow their ethical guidelines.

Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes and is £40